미션&비전 /문화예술교육 더베프를 소개합니다.

- 'The Best Friend' in English
- 'Give much more' in Korean
- This is where the human being is the first,
  happiness is the goal, and sharing is the dream, thebefu
- The best friend for us in happiness, thebefu

thebefu is a nonprofit organization for culture and art, established in May 30th, 1997, and is specialized in the education of culture and art for children and teenagers.

thebefu, education center for culture and art, develops the systematic welfare culture programs in order to improve cultural level of our society and to make healthy cultural environment for all the people.

It first started from ‘children school for culture and art’ and changed its name in 2011 with the certification for Social Enterprise.
With this, it expanded the education object and started to concentrate on research and dissemination for the disadvantaged group of society in different environment.

thebefu attempts to break new ground of open education by focusing on the genuine meaning of culture and art education by starting from educational drama which has high effectiveness in well-rounded education with its speciality as the composite art.
Mission &
사람과 사람이 함께 행복할 수 있는 문화공동체 실현 Mission - Improvement of sociality and personality of children, teenagers, and family through
   the various arts and cultural education
- Creation of sound and healthy cultural environment
- Fair opportunity for enjoying cultural benefits
- Discovery and nurture of teaching artist

Vision we make all the people, from children to the aged, to find problems themselves, pose questions, represent themselves, and solve problems through the education of culture and arts. The ability of figuring our problems is progressed by applying various educational methodologies. We want to develop community sense by using different educational methodologies and through development of arts and cultural education we want to bring changes to one’s life.