인형극 /문화예술교육 더베프의 공연사업을 소개합니다.

  • A tree and a boy

    [The tree and a boy] which is a motif from The Giving Tree written by Shel Siverstein shows the life of the tree and that of a boy crossing interactively.
    It makes us feel that life and growth are beautiful and natural. and also death which is part of life is beautiful simultaneously.
    Above this it shows that the nature in 4 seasons has a variety of changing scenes, and insects, fruits, play things are various at each season.

  • Shepherding Wolf

    There are special things in a small village: they are friends between a 100 year old grandfather and a baby, the owners of fish shop and butcher’s, and also a cat and a dog.
    Like all of them are friends, there is a shepherding wolf.
    How can the wolf take care of sheep? At first, it is difficult for wolf to take care of sheep.
    The wolf, which used to be misunderstood as a wild and frightening animal, is getting a shepherd in this village.